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Using the evidence-based strategy of sentence combining, students combine multiple ideas into a single sentence. They then receive instant feedback designed to help them improve their clarity and precision.

Quill Connect – Designed to help you improve your writing in areas such as fragmented and run-on sentences to complex and well-structured sentences. Using the interactive tool, you combine multiple ideas into a single sentence. You then receive instant feedback to help improve your writing skills.

Quill Grammar – Quill Grammar has over 150 sentence writing activities to help you practice basic grammar skills, from comma placement to parallel structure. The activities are designed to be completed in 10 minutes.

Quill Proofreader – Proofreader teaches you editing skills by having you proofread passages. You edit passages and receive personalized exercises based on your results. With over 100 expository passages, Proofreader gives you the practice you need to spot common grammatical errors.

This resource is designed for people who read and write at an elementary level and above.

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