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21 Things 4 Students

21 Things 4 Students is a free digital resource for learning about online safety and how to navigate online activities such as searching for information, online shopping, and more.

There are sections related to visual learning, digital life, presentations, social networking, cyber safety, and career prep. At the end of each section, there is an assessment. This program was designed to be used with a teacher in the classroom, but can also be used independently.

This resource is designed for youth but can be used by anyone who reads at an elementary level

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21 Things 4 Students

Basic introduction PDF

REMC Association of Michigan

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Essential Skills Video Profiles

These short and engaging videos show examples of what each of the nine essential skills are. The videos feature youth working in various sectors, trades, and fields, as well as in a learning environment. The videos are available in English and French.

These videos have limited speaking and are appropriate for all learning levels.

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Essential Skills Videos

Skills Canada

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Essential Skills Work Ready Youth Program

Skills Canada has developed a series of workbooks targeted toward youth about the nine essential skills. The nine workbooks outline basic information about the essential skills, tips for career building, using the skills, and assessment.

These workbooks can be used along with the Skills Canada app. The resources are designed for those who read at a high school level and above.

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Work Ready Youth Program

Numeracy workbook

Document use workbook

Reading workbook

Thinking workbook

Writing workbook

Continuous learning workbook

Working with others workbook

Oral communication workbook

PowerPoint Presentations

Skills Canada

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Essential Skills Mobile App Assessment Tool for Teachers and Students

Skills Canada has developed a mobile app where you can engage with the essential skills on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The app has sections to test essential skills, explanations of what the essential skills are, and industry-specific information about essential skills (construction, information technology, manufacturing & engineering, services, and transportation). There is also a directory of all trade and technology schools and training facilities in Canada.

The app is available in French and English and is designed for people who read at a high school level and above.

Download in the App store for iPad or iPhone or Google Play for Android devices.

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Download in App Store

Download in Google Play

Skills Canada

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