Essential Skills

Connecting Literacy and Employment through Essential Skills

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This series of workbooks are for people who want to look for work and improve their essential skills. There are seven workbooks you can use that focus on looking for work and essential skills.

Each workbook includes a checklist of skills, information on essential skills, and activities to improve your skills. The workbooks can be accessed online and downloaded to print.  

This resource is appropriate for those with an elementary school reading level and above.

Resource Links

Workbook Website

Workbook 1 – Identifying the job seeker

Workbook 2 – Essential skills to identify the job

Workbook 3 – Essential skills to research your occupation

Workbook 4 – Essential skills to search for a job

Workbook 5 – Essential skills to market yourself with a resume and cover letter

Workbook 6 – Essential skills to market yourself at the interview

Workbook 7 – Essential skills to maintain employability

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