The Guided Pathways project is thrilled to introduce an exceptional group of professionals who have joined our Advisory Committee. This committee will serve to give expert advice into the Guided Pathways project in the areas of essential skills, adult learning, and career development. This group has expressed enthusiasm and support for the Guided Pathways project and will be incredible assets as we roll out our training in the fall of 2020. The Advisory Committee will support us as we offer the training online initially and are excited to add face to face sessions once it is safer to do so.

Read below to learn more about these dedicated individuals and please join us in welcoming them to the Guided Pathways project!

Ryan Drew, S.U.C.C.E.S.S. 
S.U.C.C.E.S.S. offers a wide range of programs and services that promote the belonging, wellness, and independence of all people on their Canadian journey. As the Director of Integrated Services for Newcomers, Ryan provides leadership to all social service programs. She ensures alignment of programs to the overall strategic priorities of the agency while supporting  operations through financial and risk management,  implementation of  best  practices in service delivery, and leadership development.

Sareena Hopkins, CCDF
As Executive Director of the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF), Sareena works in Canada and internationally to strengthen the reach and impact of career development. With her team at CCDF, she moves from ideas to action in areas of public policy, research and development, capacity building, and advocacy. Sareena can be reached at

Riz Ibrahim, CERIC
Riz is the Executive Director of CERIC. Riz works with CERIC’s cross-sectoral Board and Committees to develop strategic and functional partnerships that advance career development in Canada. Riz oversees all areas within CERIC’s mandate including the Cannexus National Career Development Conference, CareerWise and OrientAction content websites, the peer-reviewed Canadian Journal of Career Development (CJCD), and a host of internal and external projects including national surveys of Canadians’ perceptions about career development and the workplace.

Krista Medhurst, Bow Valley College
Krista is an associate dean in the School of Foundational Learning. Krista has over 15 years of experience at Bow Valley College as a leader in the area of literacy and essential skills. Krista’s career has focused on developing, researching, and implementing innovative approaches to skills development in the areas of literacy, workplace essential skills, and competency-based education and training.

Scott Murray, Data Angel
For over two decades Scott has specialized in the design, conduct, and analysis of large-scale surveys to meet emerging public policy issues in health, education, labour, social justice, poverty, women’s issues, and racism. His work has included studies of volunteer activities, childcare usage, longitudinal labour market activity, and international comparative work in the area of the assessment of adult skill and participation in adult education and training.

Anton Solomon, Yukon Government 
Anton is the Director of Labour Market Programs and Services with the Yukon Government and has been working in employment and adult training programs in Yukon since 1997. He began as a front counter service clerk for employment insurance and has been involved in program design under the labour market transfer agreements since 2000. He is an acknowledged subject matter expert on the Yukon Labour Market.

Joffre Theriault, AHS Group of Companies
Joffre is the President and CEO of Atlantic Human Services Group of Companies in New Brunswick. AHS has specialized in designing, delivering, supporting, and operating privatized employment, human services programs, and correctional programs in the Atlantic Provinces since 1996.

We are looking forward to working with the Advisory Committee as we enter the next stages of the Guided Pathways project.