As we near the end of 2020, we are one step closer to rolling out our training component for the Guided Pathways project. Starting in winter 2021, we will provide training to 900 career development practitioners (CDPs) across the country to integrate essential skills resources and tools into current CDP practices to support their efforts to find meaningful and lasting work for their clients.

CDP training for this project will be conducted online. With our partner Monarch Innovative Design for Learning, we have created a four-week, 21-hour online course complete with four modules on the background, framework, application, and assessment of essential skills. Each module is accompanied by asynchronous and synchronous tasks, small group activities, independent work, self-assessments, and webinars hosted by a facilitator. Along with course-related activities, CDPs will have access to available online resources and will join an online community of practice that fosters interaction and learning with other participants across the country. Upon completion of this course, participants will see an improvement in their ability to assess clients’ essential skills and they will be able to recommend effective training and supports to address gaps. Successful participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course and this training will be recognized as part of the national accreditation framework for CDPs and provincial accreditation in Ontario, Alberta, and New Brunswick.

The Guided Pathways team will be presenting at the New Brunswick Career Development Association Conference on November 24 and the annual Cannexus Conference in January 2021. For more information about the project and to participate in the training, please contact Maureen Souply, Project Manager at